Professional 4,000-Watt Stereo Power Amplifier with ATR (Accelerated Transient Response) Technology



Professional 4,000-Watt Stereo Power Amplifier with ATR (Accelerated Transient Response) Technology

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The EP4000 builds on the incredible legacy of our EP2500, which is one of the best-selling power amps in the industry. Our proprietary Accelerated Transient Response (ATR) Technology gives the EP4000 the massive power reserves needed for deep and impactful bass response, which translates into a more natural sound quality that will bring your audience to its feet – and keep them there! With an amazing 4,000-Watts of output power (2 x 2,000 Watts @ 2 Ohms; 2 x 1,400 Watts @ 4 Ohms; 4,000 Watts @ 4 Ohms in Bridge mode), the EP4000 is the perfect amplifier for medium-sized club gigs, mobile PA systems, church services or public spaces.



Remarkable Ease-of-Use

The über-simple front panel controls of these amps give you all of your sound’s vital signs at a glance. After flipping the Main switch, the Power LED will light when the amp is ready for action. Both channels have independent gain dials as well as Clip LEDs that indicate when the signal is distorted and you need to reduce the gain. There are also Signal LEDs that light up when a signal is present at the input.



Accelerated Transient Response Delivers the Knock-Out Punch

It takes huge pulses of energy (current and voltage) to propel a woofer cone fast enough to match a bass beat. That’s called Transient Response and it’s the holy grail of amp designers. By carefully selecting transistors with extremely high slew rates and optimizing other proprietary parts of our circuitry, the EP4000 reacts instantly to even the most demanding bass impulses. If the woofers in your PA system can keep up, your audience will hear a tighter, crisper, more natural sound.



Power Amplifier

  • Power at 4 ohm: 2 x 950 W
  • Power at 8 ohm: 2 x 550 W
  • Power at 2 ohm: 2 x 1250 W
  • Bridge mode 1 x 4000 W at 4 ohm, 1 x 2800 W at 8 ohm
  • Inputs: XLR + jack
  • Outputs: Speaker twist + touch-proof binding posts
  • Damping factor: > 300 at 8 ohms
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 88 x 483 x 402 mm
  • Installation size: 19″ / 2 RU
  • Weight: 16.6 kg