UHF Wireless Mic, with 2 handheld mics


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Function Features

* Using the most advanced digital touch control system, Through the detection of fingers

moving electronic charge to determine the fingers action, it realizes easy controllable

operation and more fashionable and beautiful appearance.

* with SCAN automatic frequency sweeping touch ICONS. Touch this icon before using,

the equipment will find out the cleanest frequency points to stop and keep it as receiver

using frequency.

* Receiver used advanced PLL phase-locked loop and microcomputer CPU control system and

can be compatible with manual frequency selection and automatic infrared frequency locking.

* High performance speech pressure expansion technology have adopted on the Receiver

system , which can support XLR output and 3.0 output and make the sound quality perfect;

* Support 16 sets of 32 frequencies at the same time and can be avoid interface in Use

* Up to 200 senders can be used simultaneously

* The sound quality is professional designed according to KTV private room, Bar , club,

classroom and meeting room

System Index
Frequency Range 640-857MHz  total of three segments
Oscillation Mode PLL Synthesized
Number of Channel 600 CH
Frequency Response 50Hz--18KHz (±2dB)
Working Distance empty place 50M
Frequency Bandwidth 50MHz
Carrier Wave Stability ±5PPm≤10KHz
Image Interference Ratio >80dB
S/N Ratio >105dB(1KHz-A)
Sensitivity -105dBm(12dB S/N AD)
THD 0.5% (ref. ±40 KHz deviation. 1 KHz tone)
Mute Mute and sound code lock loop
Receiver Index
Function Display Method LCD display
Working Temperature -10℃
can not promised)
Case Materials galvanized cold-rolled sheet
Audio Output Level ±40 KHz (The deviation is in 1 k signal, Loaded) Balanced
600 Ω Load-13dBV, Unbalanced 600 Ω Load -2 dBV
Output Impedance Respectively balanced: 200 ; 2 channel integrated
unbalanced: 600 Ω
Balanced Output One-pin Ground line  (line screen-wall layer),
two-pin audio, 3 three-pin  no audio
Output Connector Type Balanced XLR connector
Non-balanced TRS6.3mm connector
Power Supply  DC 12V ---1A
Dimension (H x W x D) 41 x 420 x 180 mm
Weight 3 Kg
Mic Index 640-857MHz  total of three segments
Frequency Range High-power 30mW, Small-power 3mW
Output Power <-55dBc
Harmonic Radiation ±70KHz
Maximum Deviation 140dB SPL
Maximum Input
Audio Pressure PLL Synthesized
Oscillation Mode Automatically lock receiver working channel
Frequency Adjustment two-segment 5 # AA1.5V batteries
Power Supply Mode 640-857MHz  total of three segments