Keyboard: 88 key (A0–C8), Natural Weighted Hammer


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Keyboard: 88 key (A0–C8), Natural Weighted Hammer
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The Concert Series is a new lineup of KORG digital pianos. The B1, an entry level piano, is now joined by the B1SP, a set that includes a stand and a three-pedal unit.

Sound, touch, and design are three crucial essentials when selecting a piano. The B1SP features such elements along with a stand plus a three-pedal unit that lets you enjoy sophisticated performance techniques.

If you want an effortless and enjoyable experience, the new B1SP is the digital piano for you. The three-pedal unit ensures good operating feel, and securely connects the side panels like a crossbeam to provide even stronger resistance against twisting. You can practice confidently with the assurance that the stand will not interrupt your performance.


  • Easily portable, small footprint Astounding bass response, especially for its size Authentic keyboard action Affordable
  • Compact and cost-effective, the KORG B1 is an excellent choice for home, stage or practice
  • The streamlined design delivers the features most important to any pianist: an authentic touch, superior sound and ease of use
  • For those who are just starting or those who want to start again, consider the KORG B1 Digital Piano
  • To achieve the deep, rich tones of an acoustic piano within its compact body, the B1 Digital Piano relies on KORG’s servo-assisted MFB technology, a pair of full-range speakers, plus a passive radiator
88 key (A0–C8), NH (Natural Weighted Hammer) Keyboard
Dimensions (W x D x H)
1312 mm x 336 mm x 750 mm/51.65" x 13.23" x 29.53" (including stand and projections, excluding music stand)
21 kg / 46.30 lbs. (including stand, excluding music stand)
Music Stand Included