Keyboard: 88 keys (A0 to C8), Velocity-sensitive KORG RH3, Sound: 64 (8 banks x 8 variations)




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Never before has a single instrument captured the signature sound, the unique performance experience, and the aesthetic satisfaction of so many definitive keyboards as the KORG SV-2 Stage Vintage.

Ten years ago, KORG launched the Stage Vintage line to wild acclaim. The combination of an intuitive live panel, the premier keybed, the ultimate realization of coveted vintage sounds, the clarity of world-class pianos, the warmth and character of period-proper effects, and the distinctively smooth shape has inspired musicians from around the globe for over a decade. Available with either 88 keys or 73 keys, these SV-2 models are the latest additions to the Stage Vintage series, featuring more of everything that makes an SV great. More Sounds. More Memory. More Polyphony. More Presets. More Control. It is quite literally everything one could want in a performance stage piano … and more. Plus, be sure to check out the SV-2S models, equipped with an internal K-ARRAY speaker system.

SV-2 /SV-2S (88key)
88 keys (A0 to C8), Velocity-sensitive KORG RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3)
Touch selection
Eight curves
Master Transpose, Master Tune, Tuning curves
Sound generation
EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis – eXpanded)
Maximum Polyphony
128 notes
Multi Sound
Layer, Split
Factory Sounds
72 (6 Basic sounds x 2 sets, 6 variations)
EP1 (Vintage)
MK I Suitcase, MK I Stage, MK II Suitcase, MK II Stage, MK V Stage, MK V Bright, Dyno EP, Dyno EP Bright, Wurly, Wurly Classic, Wurly Dark, Wurly Bright
EP2 (Various)
FM Piano 1, FM Piano 2, FM Piano 3, FM Piano & Pad, Pianet T, Pianet N, Hybrid Piano, Hybrid Tine, Wurly & Strings, FM & Strings, MK II & Pad, FM & Pad
Piano 1 (Acoustic)
German Grand, German Classic, Italian Grand, Italian Bright, Japanese Grand, Japanese Bright, Austrian Grand, Austrian Classic, Japanese Upright, Upright Bright, German Upright, Rock Piano
Piano 2 (Various)
Electric Grand, German Mono, KORG M1 Piano, KORG SG-1D, Digital Piano, Electra Piano, Tack Piano, Honky-Tonk, Piano & Strings, Piano & Pad, Piano & Synth, Piano & Brass
Clav AC, Clav AD, Clav BC, Clav BD, Harpsichord, Harpsichord Oct, Perc. Organ, Rock Organ, Jazz Organ, VOX Organ, Church Organ, Pipe Organ
Full Strings, Classic Strings, Tape Strings, Strings & Voices, Warm Pad, Bright Pad, Orchestra, Pizzicato & Glock, Brass, Synth Brass, Pad/Mini Lead, Pad/SynthLead
Favorite sounds
64 (8 banks x 8 variations) for saving of customized settings
6 effects (5 effects + 1 total effect)
Bass, Mid, Treble
Pre FX
Red Comp, Treble Boost, U-Vibe, Vibrato, Tremolo, VOX Wah (Auto or Pedal control)
Amplifier models
Clean, Twin, Tweed, AC30, Boutique, Organ Amp + Cabinet Models, Valve Reactor Technology – 12AX7 (ECC83) valve
Classic Chorus, Black Chorus, Small Phaser, MX Flanger, Rotary (Slow/Fast control)
Room, Plate, Hall, Spring, Tape Echo, Stereo Delay (Tap tempo)
Total FX (only editable with SV-2 Editor)
Stereo Mastering Limiter, Stereo Limiter
Sound Select
TYPE knob, VARIATION knob, FAVORITES 1–8 switches
Favorite Sound select
1–8 switches, SOUND TYPE knob
Effect Control
Equalizer: On/Off switch, BASS knob, MID knob, TREBLE knob
Pre FX
On/Off switch, TYPE knob, SPEED knob, INTENSITY knob, AUTO/PEDAL switch (available when the TYPE = Vox Wah)
On/Off switch, TYPE knob, DRIVE knob
On/Off switch, TYPE knob, SPEED knob, INTENSITY knob, Slow/Fast switch (available when the TYPE = Rotary.)
On/Off switch, TYPE knob, DEPTH knob, Tap (available when TYPE = Stereo Delay)
Master Volume
Transpose, Local Off, Touch, Function
Demo Songs
72 songs (one song for each preset sound)
Audio Output
L, R connector (XLR balanced), L/MONO jack, R/MONO jack (6.3 mm [1/4″] unbalanced)
Headphone jack(6.3 mm [1/4”] stereo jack)
Audio Input
L/MONO jack, R/MONO jack (6.3 mm [1/4″] unbalanced)
USB: 2.0 Type B connector (doubles the MIDI Interface)
Damper Pedal
KORG DS-2H (included), DS-1H(sold separately)
Pedal 1
PS-1 foot switch, PS-3 foot switch (sold separately)
Pedal 2
Volume/Expression, XVP-20, EXP-2, PS-1 foot switch, PS-3 foot switch (sold separately)
2 x 2.5″ with 2 x 3″ passive radiator
Amplification power
2 x 15 W
Power Supply
Internal switching adapter, AC 100~240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
25 W
Dimensions (W x D x H, excluding music stand):
SV-2/2V-2S (88key)
1356 mm x 347 mm x 157 mm/53.39″ x 13.66″ x 6.18″
Weight (excluding music stand)
SV-2S 88key
21.45 kg/47.29 lbs

No Music Stand Included

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Black, Silver