Keyboard: 88-key, Hammer Action, Sound: 500



Keyboard: 88-key, Hammer Action, Sound: 500



CDP5200 is all about the joy of playing at an affordable price.  The compact console consists of 500 voices, 210 styles and 70 songs, featuring an album of 120 popular songs with preset parameters.  Choose any style from standard 8 beat rock to the sassy tango, CDP5200 provides a platform to perform your favorite music with accompaniment. The direct selection for styles and songs on the panel allow for easy access during performance and the backlit LCD is visually friendly.
With the perform function, beautiful guitar or piano accompaniment in different forms, such as arpeggios, broken chords and strums, are available to you.  Twinova function intelligently splits the keyboard into two sections for pianists to play duet simultaneously.  2 headphones allow both players to play private at the same time next to each other.  Connect the piano to any PC or Laptop through USB cable and you could access to many midi compatible software at your fingertips.  Learning, performing and fun playing, CDP5200 is suitable for all piano enthusiasts.

Additional information



  • Keyboard: 88-key (hammer-action)
  • Display:  Backlit LCD
  • Polyphony:  128 (max)
  • Voices:  500
  • Duo (Twinova):  YES
  • Styles:  200 preset; 10 user
  • Style Creator:  PC software
  • O.T.S. :  YES
  • Sequencer:  10 user songs
  • (5 melody + 1 accomp.)
  • Demo Song:  5
  • Music Library: 60 preset songs;
  • L/R hand learning; 120 albums
  • Dimensions LWH (mm): 1388 x 308 x 788​
  • Weight (kgs):  3