Body: Laminated spruce, Neck: Mahogany



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Never lose another iDea again. The iDea Acoustic Electric guitar is the perfect practice guitar for writers and beginners. Boasting the ability to both Record and Play mp3 files, you can use this guitar to record and save musical inspiration at any moment or jam along to files saved into the guitar to aid in learning songs. Learn Songs at your own speed, iDea’s built in preamp features a pitch-stable speed adjustment allowing you to slow down the mp3 files without changing the key. Uploading and downloading MP3 files to your computer is a breeze. The iDea features an on-board USB connection so you can connect to your computer and store recorded files or recall files for practicing Licks from your favorite artists. Using the 1/8 inch stereo input jack on your guitar you can connect a CD, mp3 or other stereo (or mono) source directly to the iDea making it perfect for players without a computer. Use this input to record and store your favorite backing tracks or other play-along material. Connect any line-level player or mixer and record your tracks into the straight into iDea’s memory using this convenient AUX input.

Soundboard Laminated spruce
Design Mid-depth cutaway
Nut Width 1 11/16″ (43mm)
Back Lyrachord®
Binding Black
Finish Black Gloss finish
Scale Length 635mm scale
Preamp Ovation iDea OPi-1
Frets 12th fret “i”
Sound Holes iDea elliptical
Pickup Original Ovation
Bracing Modified X
Bridge Rosewood with black satin
Neck Mahogany
Fingerboard Rosewood, 10″ /254mm

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