Colour: Smokey Chrome, Asian Mahogany/Poplar Shells



Colour: Smokey Chrome, Asian Mahogany/Poplar Shells



Since its introduction, the Pearl Export drum kit has been considered an industry-standard starter kit thanks to its amazing features and a high-quality build that far exceeds its brilliantly affordable price. This is a durable, reliable 5-piece kit that even comes complete with hardware and cymbals to match – an absolute bargain.

To ensure these shells would perform to a high standard yet still be economical as to be affordable for the customer. Through extensive development, Pearl settled on a partnership of Poplar and Asian Mahogany, a pair of tonewoods whose characters match flawlessly. Asian Mahogany gives these shells a deep fundamental tone and punchy round attack which is often reserved for higher-end kits, and the Poplar adds awesome sustain and boosts the top end. Together, these properties imbue the Export with a defined sound that will cut through any mix neatly, while also sounding well-rounded and authoritative. This kit has an original character and a great deal of versatility, lending itself perfectly to drummers who cover a wide range of genres. This shell blend is formed using Pearl’s Superior Shell Technology (SST), which shapes the shells under 1000 PSI of hydraulic pressure, ensuring the utmost structural integrity, durability, and tonal consistency.

Value-for-money remains consistent throughout the entire kit. The shell hardware has low contact and a small footprint so that their quality tone can be heard unimpeded. Optiloc Tom Mounts support the toms at three crucial points – two on the tuning bolts, and one on the air vent – which minimises contact to allow the tom to resonate freely. This way, none of the Poplar and Asian Mahogany’s sublime characteristics are dampened. This kit comes with hardware and cymbals to match – the 830 series hardware pack includes a cymbal stand, a boom stand, a snare stand, a hi-hat stand and a kick pedal, all of which is super-sturdy and reliable. The cymbals are from the Sabian SBR range; just as versatile as the kit and sonically matched so your kit will sound awesome straight away.


  • Poplar and Mahogany Shells – 6ply 7.5mm
  • Optiloc Tom Mounts
  • Low Mass Lugs


  • 10 x 7″ Tom
  • 12 x 8″ Tom
  • 14 x 14″ Floor Tom
  • 14 x 5.5″ Snare Drum
  • 20 x 16″ Bass Drum


  • P-930 Single Bass Drum Pedal
  • BC-830 Cymbal Stand
  • C-830 Straight Cymbal Stand
  • H-830 Hi-hat
  • S-830 Snare Stand


  • Pearl/Sabian SBR 14” Hi-Hats
  • Pearl/Sabian SBR 16” Crash Cymbal
  • Pearl/Sabian SBR 20” Ride Cymbal


Please note: does not include drum stool or drumsticks.