High quality piano sound of Yamaha CFX concert grand piano



High quality piano sound of Yamaha CFX concert grand piano



With an 88-key piano action, the GH3 (Graded Hammer 3) keyboard reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano, from a naturally heavy feel in the lower key to a lighter touch in the upper octaves. The GH3 keyboard provides a grand piano-style response and feel, allowing rapid note repetition and authentic expressive control. Moreover, there’s a half-damper feature that authentically replicates the damper action on a grand piano, providing rich expressive variation.


One of the allures of the grand piano is the sympathetic resonance created by the vibration of the entire instrument. The YDP-165 elaborately reproduces this rich sympathetic resonance through a groundbreaking technology called Virtual Resonance Modeling Lite (VRM Lite). VRM Lite creates a richly varied sound by simulating the complex sympathetic tones created when the vibrations of the strings are propagated to the soundboard and other strings, corresponding to the timing and intensity of key playing and pedaling.


Naturally, the YDP-165 has an authentic grand piano sound, but it also features various other built-in instrument sounds, for a total of 10 Voices—including electric piano, organ, vibraphone, and strings.



The YDP-165 also has 353 built-in songs, including 50 famous classical songs, and 303 comprehensive practice exercises from famous methods, such as Beyer, Burgmüller, Czerny, and Hanon. The instrument is also compatible with Yamaha’s free Smart Pianist app—simply download the app to your smart device and connect it to the instrument*.


With the Smart Pianist app, you can easily operate the various Voice functions of the instrument and use it to call up scores of the built-in songs. It also features a comprehensive Piano Room function for changing the tonal quality and resonance settings of the piano sound.


* A cable connection is required. Make sure to purchase the correct cable for your smart device.


  • GH3 keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory top layers.
  • High quality piano sound of Yamaha CFX concert grand piano
  • 192 voices
  • 10 sounds
  • Virtual Resonance Modeling Lite (VRM Lite)
  • 2-track recording (1 song)
  • 50 classic preset songs, 303 songs
  • Dual / Layer function
  • Stereophonic Optimizer
  • Intelligent Acoustic Control and Acoustic Optimizer
  • Keyboard cover
  • 2 headphone jacks
  • Speaker power: 2 x 20W